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Hey (new) friend! I’m so excited you are here. Let’s journey together away from burnout, anxiety and overwhelm and into balance & bliss! We tend to think that’s impossible to achieve, but Scandinavians do this naturally: it’s just the way they do life, parenting and wellness.

How do I know that? I’m Annabella Daily, a Scandinavian writer, entrepreneur, mom of 3 boys, and wife to an American guy—we met in our building’s lobby in Brooklyn!—based in Westport, CT.

After kids, our lives in the US got so stressful—and I had a pretty intense burnout—that I moved my family to my native Finland, to see if we too could live like the Happiest People on Earth—at least for one semester. It changed my life—and that’s why I started this Substack.

That’s me trying to take a profile pic, photo bombed by my oldest son:-)

These Scandinavian hacks and solutions to parenting, lifestyle and wellness can change yours too. Each newsletter is one step closer to living like the Happiest People on Earth, anywhere we live. And Substack also thinks this newsletter is awesome—it’s a Featured Publication!

x Annabella

PS. What’s more?

You can find me on Insta for quick hacks & “Scandi-style life” in the US (tap to watch this “micro viral” video):

You can also make parenting easier with my kids’ skincare, created to the highest Scandi standards (pure & plant-based) and with the best Nordic parenting hacks (playfulness and independence). To check out and order the kids’ paint-on face cleanser & moisturizing balm with one click on Amazon, just tap below:

For any q’s, email me at dailyannabella@gmail.com!

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Annabella Daily

Creative solutions for burned out, anxious, overwhelmed mom life. Join me as I relocate myself, my American husband, and three boys from US to Finland for the fall - to uncover the Scandinavian secrets to a more blissful motherhood.