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Hi! I'm Annabella Daily, a Finnish journalist, writer, speaker, social media creator, and wife and mother of 3 boys, living in the US. Feeling burned out chasing the American dream while doing it all like countless mothers before me, I wanted to learn how to thrive not survive by briefly moving our family home to Finland, the “happiest country on earth.” I was struck by the surprising ways Nordic parents create balance & bandwidth and decided to bring those discoveries back to my adopted home in the USA. I’m trying to help maxed out American moms by sharing the breakthroughs that changed my life.

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Nordic/ Scandinavian: Geographically, the Nordic Region consists of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland and again geograhically, Scandinavia typically refers to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Scandi: Scandi, shortened from Scandinavia(n) is a made-up, tongue-in-cheek word, that, similar to using the word Nordic outside the context of geography, I use to insinuate a common mindset, views, habits, and ways of living that appear in one or more or all of the Northern European countries and are also common with Northern Europeans.

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I'm Annabella Daily, a US-based Finnish journalist, wife & mom of 3. After a stint in Finland, the “happiest country,” I was struck by the surprising ways Nordic parents create balance & bandwidth & decided to bring those discoveries back to the US.